Village Park

The Elba Village Park is located in the center of the Village on east side of Main Street. The Village Park consists of approximately 8 acres which has plenty of space for many recreational activities. The park currently has a large children’s playground area, volleyball net, three little league baseball fields, four tennis courts, and two full size basketball courts. The park also has a small gazebo, one small pavilion shelter, two large pavilion shelters, and public bathrooms.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Village is open for social distancing only!  Please contact the Village Office for current updates on the affect to the Village Park due to COVID-19.


Private parties can rent/reserve the larger two pavilion shelters for the day. Please contact the Village Office for current rental fees and availability.


The Village along with the Elba Betterment Committee holds a few events each year to help raise funds to improve our Park and the Community.  Please refer to the Elba Betterment Committee page for more information on upcoming fundraising events, or visit our website.