Water District #2

UPDATE:  PHASE 7 is scheduled to begin Spring 2021

Phase 1 – complete
Phase 2 – complete
Phase 3 – complete
Phase 4 – complete
Phase 5 – complete
Phase 6 – complete
Phase 7 – complete


    • Form Water District.
    • NYS Comptroller Approval
    • Design & Permitting: Winter 2016 / Spring 2017
    • Bidding & Construction: Summer 2017 – 2019.
  • Multiple Phases / Construction Contracts, Water Storage Tank at ½ WM build out 


  • Town’s Comprehensive Plan + Public Interest.


    • All areas not currently served by WD#1.
    • Project costs borne by district users on a unit basis.
    • 247,000 linear feet of 8 and 12-inch water main.
    • Approximately 500 water service connections.
    • 350,000 gallon water storage tank + Booster Pump Station
    • Water purchased from Genesee County Water Supply.
    • Water services for each home or business, to ROW.
  • Hydrants with a minimum of 500 gpm flow.  


    • Maximum total capital cost = $17,769,000. ($3,854,000 USDA RD Grant & 1.375% Loan for 38  years).
    • Maximum unit cost per year = $1,035/year.
    • Yearly unit cost = $1,035/year = water cost $297 + debt service $738.
    • NYS Comptrollers threshold of $902/yr for automatic approval in 2016.
  • Comparable Costs:
      • Town of Elba WD1 – $996; Town of Oakfield WD 2 – $973/yr, WD 3 – $974/yr, WD 4 – $1,194/yr &
    • WD 5 – $805/yr; Town of Stafford WD 4 – $806/yr, WD 7 – $995/yr & WD 8 – $1,017/yr.
  • Many new water districts > $900 – $1,000/yr.
  • Cable or Satellite TV can be $1,000/yr ($84/month)./
  • Additional one time user connection costs estimated at $1,275 (Connecting from right-of-way to interior plumbing is $10/foot of water service ($1,000 average), $200 well separation/plumbing, and $75 for service inspection.


    • Consistent quality and quantity.
    • Fire protection and lower insurance rates.
    • Increased property values and marketability.
  • Eliminates substantial private well costs: electricity, pump and well maintenance, softeners, chemicals, and/or appliance damage.


What can I do with my well?
1.  Abandon the well.
2. Keep well but separate it from public water plumbing.
3. Keep well and install backflow prevention (RPZ)

Do I have to connect to the water main right away?
No. A service line will be installed to the property line of all existing residents. There will be no future hook up charge for existing residents that do not connect right away. Service lines will not be installed to undeveloped lots and a future hookup fee would be required.

Do I have to pay a debt service cost even if I don’t hook up to the water?
According to state law, all properties within an established water district that are receiving a benefit must share equally in that benefit whether using the water or not. Agricultural properties only must share if using the water, unless by special agreement.

How much will public water raise my assessment?
The existence of a water main or the connection to a water main does not in itself raise assessment values. Assessment values are based on the sale price of comparable houses in the area.

What happens if the district is not formed?
Public Water cannot be extended until a District is formed. Farm contributions will be lost.

Will the annual cost change?
Cost of water has the potential to change annually as costs of maintaining the system change. The debt service is set at a maximum level and that is the most you can be expected to pay. If more units develop in the district, the annual debt cost per service will go down.