Real Property Assessments

Barry Flansburg
Town Assessor
7133 Oak Orchard Road
Elba, New York 14058Phone: (585) 757-2762 ext. 14
Cell: (585) 734-8372


Tuesday – Thursday, 8 – 10 a.m.

The Town Assessor is charged by State law with discovering, describing, and valuing property, as well as the ownership of that property, for the purpose of taxation. To raise the funds for the budget approved by the Town Council, the Assessor prepares a list of these properties annually and commits the assessments to the Town Tax Collector for collection. The records compiled by the Assessor are made available for public inspection at the Town Hall. The Assessing Office then reports to the State Department of Revenue Services regarding its activities for the year.


Joe Bridge
Richard Buckley
Tony Mancuso
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PROS Interactive AssessmentThis site provides online access to property information including age, style, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, real estate sales, tax exemptions, assessments, and taxes levied.